Our Services

Promotion of properties for sale and rent

Individual homes, land, apartments, buildings, commercial spaces, warehouses, office spaces, residential projects and right of business. Advertising in different effective media such as websites, real estate magazines, social networks, local newspapers.

Legal consulting

Any Real Estate related, leasing agreements, deeds, property protection, legal investigation, property protection, legal investigation, finances, partnerships, contributions, donations, mortgages, condominium regulations, partitions, etc.

Insurance assistance

House insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance, medical insurance, escrows.


Credit applications, debt reduction, private financing, bank financing, investment return.


Bank and comercial appraisals, comparative appraisals with the actual Real Estate market, all related to Real Estate.

Property Management

Management in general, tax payments, maintenance fees, public and private services, employee payroll, cleaning service, furniture keep up, roof, walls, floor, plumbing, electricity, minor construction work, carpentry.

Construction and home development

Construction of homes, upgrades, restoration, partitions, blue prints development, estimates, budgets, surveys, new project development assistance.

Live in Antigua Green

Fully aware of saving our planet, we offer solar systems to save energy for homes, swimming pools, factories and commercial property.

Interior Design

We count on capable qualified staff for decoration purposes, orientation and furniture positioning to get the best results.